2 Bonus Slot Games based on Hit Movies to Try  at online casino
[ 10-03-2016 ]
2 Bonus Slot Games based on Hit Movies to Try at online casino

Actually, some slot players have viewed that there would not be any casino games which are full of fun and exciting gambling experiences like playing slot games online such as the great blue slot, the highway king slot and the monkey thunderbolt slot games. By which one of slot games that is bundled with great bonus round free would be of course best to pick and play. The bonus round free would normally offer the players with free spins, more multipliers and more bonus round same as what it used to be given when the player has played the great blue slot game online casino. Since the bonus slot games are abundant with many variants to be challenged, more wining chances to strive and there is no wonder why this kind of bonus slots are frequently picked by many players all over the world. Here below are some bonus slot games that is worth to try on.

 Jurassic Park Free Bonus Slot Game Online Casino: Microgaming software developer has launched the wonderful bonus slot game named Jurassic Park to all players over the world. By which it has took the main characters on a hit movie to the slot machine gameplay where the island is inhibited by dinosaurs. Therefore, during playing this Jurassic Park Slot Machine online casino, the player would feel exciting and adrenaline rushing just like he or she is in the gameplay once placing the wager on and start spinning the reels. As mentioned earlier that the game has been inspired by the hit movie Jurassic Park, then the symbols would not miss to include the T-Rex, the Tyrannosaurus, the Triceratops, the doctor, the velociraptor and of course the Jurassic Park logo. In addition to the special bonus features to add more winning probabilities to the gameplay, Microgaming has designed to provide wild symbol as the Jurassic Park logo that can be substituted any other symbols and the T-Rex alert feature to be provided additionally and once it is activated, the player would get reward up to 35x extra wilds in return.

 Aliens Free Bonus Slot Game Online Casino: Any players who are a fan of Sci-Fi movie series namely Aliens, they would exactly not miss to pick and play this bonus slot machine game. By which the game has been designed by the leading gaming software producer, Net Entertainment and has backed the themed game to the famous hit movie in 1986. Since the movie is based on the deadly aliens that humans has tried to hunt. Therefore, during playing the gameplay, the player would seem to be taken into the dark, creepy and scary surrounding to feel the same through its vivid graphics and great sound effects of the gameplay. By the way, this Alien Slot Machine game has been tailored with a 5 spinning reels and 15 paylines to increase the winning odds for players.

In addition to bonus, the game has been designed to provide 3 levels of bonus once the player could beat each step, he or she would be rewarded with larger payout.