Movie Themed Slot games
[ 12-03-2016 ]
Movie Themed Slot games

When it goes to online slot machine Malaysia, this is where the designers show their best ideas. Owing to the versatility of computer software, they are capable of integrating the movies, making the online games more engaging than the physical counterparts. For instance, in the 3D slot games, the designers add various kinds of factors, to truly make the movie themed slot game feel like the film itself. It is not just for show; they will use parts of the story, and carry out it into the game, offering you an incentive to play longer. Let’s take Lord of the Rings as an example. In the Lord of the Rings slot games, before playing the game, you will see footages of the real movie. After the video finishes it is your job to play the slot game well, so as to see more of the story. This extra feature provides  the slot player a force to play more, to see the result of the story. The movie themed live casino Malaysia slot games, permit the players to feel as if he is taking part in the movie. This kind of design really does work for all other movie-themed slot games which are being played.

There are some other things you need to know about movie themed slot games. Firstly, the game was created with the fans of the movie in mind. Players who are not use to the film, will probably miss out on subtle, plot related humor or references, because they might not realize some of the famous plot factors. Games like Gone with the Wind, and Gladiator, feature plot factors as symbols. If you look at these symbols, and think they are just normal symbols, you are wrong. Also, with some movie theme slot games, you can catch the end of the movie which you planned to see one day. Some movie themed slot games are designed by the same people making the 3D slot games, which is why, some of the games might seem very familiar to you.  On the other hand, there are movie themed slot games which were rushed to market to please fans of the film, and are really not well thought out; they are nothing more than games designed just for show, and they play like your normal slot game.

A unique feature in the movie themed slot games is the distinctive bonus rounds. Did you know that there is a unique bonus game of “hide-and-seek” within Jaws online slot game. That is right, slot machine players; you played hide- and- seek with the blazing shark. When you unlock the bonus round, Jaws hides in a pre-arranged set of blocks, and it is your job to pick the block where he hides. If you pick the correct one, you will get the bonus winnings. It might be a multiplier or a pay-line, but you still win by just playing hide-and-seek. There are many bonus rounds which are very unique, so go on watching for other movie themed slot games at Malaysia casino website.