Tips to Win at Online Slot Machines Malaysia
[ 22-03-2016 ]
Tips to Win at Online Slot Machines Malaysia

The Payout Percentage

Every single slot machine has a particular payout percentage attached to it and whereas casinos do not actively advertise individual payout percentages, preferring to stick instead to a general percentage figure, you can usually get this figure out of their customer support team if you are persistent enough in asking for it.

The Best Online Casino Malaysia

It does not particularly hurt the online casino Malaysia to have those numbers known to a small portion of their gaming customers and if you make it seem as if they need to make that information available to you in order to keep your business, most of the time that will be good enough to get what you want. Finally, nevertheless, you want this information in order that you can select the slot machines with the largest payout percentages to play at. This will not assure you victory, since even the best slot machines favor the house; however it will make your opportunity of winning in the short term better.

The Max Coin Trick

If your goal is to beat the online slot machines Malaysia, after that you need to understand right away that it is mathematically impossible to beat the online slot machines Malaysia over the long run. Your only goal is to beat the online slot machines Malaysia over the short run and the best way to do that is to strike it rich with a progressive jackpot.

Find an online slot machine Malaysia that has a progressive jackpot and is also on your list of having the best payout percentages at a detail casino and you will have the best opportunitys of striking the jackpot that you want. At that point, then you easily play the maximum coins per hand and hope to hit the jackpot. That is by far the best way to tackle winning at online slot machines Malaysia and if you do it this way you will make sure you have the max possible opportunity at walking away from the slot machines with a lot of money.

The Waiting Trick

As people continue to play a progressive slot machine and continue to lose money, the progressive jackpot attached to that machine continues to grow. If you wait until it gets to a large enough size, theoretically you are going to be growing your payout percentage since the actual max payout will increase. Now, the progressive jackpot rarely ever increases the payout percentage to 100% or higher before it is won, though it might get half-way there from the point you begin at.