Online gambling Malaysia has become such a worrying trend the world over
[ 30-03-2016 ]
Online gambling Malaysia has become such a worrying trend the world over

Looking back, these gambling avenues at least had some form of control – kids were not permited to wager, at least not in Genting Highlands, the race track or number forecast shops.

With technology these days, everyone can wager. All one needs is a computer and Internet access.

Online gambling Malaysia has become such a worrying trend the world over. There are thousands of gambling sites on the Internet and the number grows every day.

Because it is virtual, the lure of potentially winning high cash is merely a click away, regardless of age, time and place.

Realising this, some dishonest businessmen have taken the opportunity to turn it into a more lucrative business for themselves, by installing cyber gambling dens.

Adorned with festive-looking string lights and LEDs, these cyber gambling dens provide bettors of all ages (there is no age control) the privacy they need to squander whatever cash they have, away from the prying eyes of parents or family members.

They provide all sorts of games that are hooked up to even more unscrupulous gambling bosses who function from as far away as Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Computers with games that are usually found in a physical casino – roulette, black jack, jackpot slots and even horse races, have taken over arcade machines.

And as the papers report it, the operators of these cyber gambling dens have become even more brazen these days and blatantly inform their ‘entertainment services’ at the shoplots where they function.

And because there is no age control, those most at stake of falling victims to these illegal cyber gambling dens are school children who are bored and naive.

Several believe they can walk away from online gambling Malaysia. Several believe that they can control themselves and see gambling as casual entertainment.

However believe me when Eye say, an addiction is an addiction, nothing less. An addict will always be deluded and be in denial, until it is too late.

There is truth in the gambling adage ‘the house always wins’.

Whereas a bettor seems to think that he or she is winning, those who are actually making a luck are those running the cyber gambling dens.

What a bettor wins is a mere fraction of what the operators are raking in by influencing gamer psychology and maximising profits.

Suffice to say, there is no boon in online gambling Malaysia, apart from those who run the gambling dens – may it be physical or virtual.

And if this problem of cyber gambling dens is not nipped in the bud now, it will convince to be a high problem for society as a whole.