Signs that it
[ 16-04-2016 ]
Signs that it's time to end a slots session_

You're trying to win back losses

When it comes to slots there are no guarantees from one spin to the coming as to the outcomes that you will be possible to achieve. Yet in spite of this some players still believe that they will be possible to regain their losses by hitting a high payout if they just keep playing.

This is a misguided view as many slot machines Malaysia are very volatile in their payouts therefore one is never assured of winning in the near future. Therefore if you find yourself playing to win back any money you have lost, it's time to go from the machine and play again another day.

You think the machine you're playing is due to payout

Believing that you are "due" a jackpot or high payout is a flawed way of thinking that millions of gamblers across the globe experience at one time or another. This is particularly true of slot machines Malaysia players who have been playing a machine for a long extent of time and come to believe that a large or jackpot win is just a spin away.

The problem with this belief is that every spin on a slot machine is independent of the last and coming spin, therefore you are no more or less likely to win on one spin than you are on the coming. Never extend your game play or use additional money chasing a win, in the long run you'll lose more than you ever gain.

You're playing on emotion

If you play for long enough you'll find that you may experience a disappointing losing streak where you feel like you're spinning the reels for hours without a single win. If your annoyance turns to anger and you are driven to play more or higher amounts as an outlet for your emotions then it's time to walk away. Why use your hard earned slot machines Malaysia casino bankroll when you aren't enjoying yourself?

Likewise if you're feeling sad or depressed and turn to slots as an outlet for these emotions and end up using more than you originally budgeted for, it's time to quit. Of course slots are enjoyable and can pick me up from time to time, if you are not playing responsibly or let yourself become dependent on them to change your mood, it's time to find a distinct outlet.

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