How to choose the Daily Bonuses at Casino Online Malaysia
[ 21-04-2016 ]
How to choose the Daily Bonuses at Casino Online Malaysia

At present, one of best marketing tools in Casino online Malaysia is of course the Daily Bonuses that is freely provided daily so as to keep all the players excited all the time to play and bet. Most of the time, the players think once it is specially offer the extra bonus especially for a particular games at casino online Malaysia. Nevertheless, it is a good idea and good choice once the player has already used his or her beginning bonus and then he or she can enjoy having the free chips to play further. Normally, daily casino bonuses would be exceptionally offered to all slots players or even all the players who use a particular deposit term. On the other hand, some casino online has not required the players to do anything in exchange for daily bonus. However, it is apparently seen that currently there are quite much more daily bonuses offered for players to pick up, so the question is which option should be the first to choose? Here below are some practical ideas which might be beneficial for the new players to know.

Sign Up Bonuses

One of the most common bonus which is widely provided to the new players and the beginners is known as ‘welcome bonus’ or ‘sign up bonus’ that is the first bonus the players will gain once they register the new account at those specific casino online websites. By the way, this bonus is typically segregated into percentage, no deposit or match bonuses.

Percentage Bonus

Apart of sign up bonuses like a welcomed drink when the players have accessed into the new account. The percentage bonus is optionally offered by most online casinos. Normally, the percentage bonus is be extremely higher than 100%, some online casinos offer at 200% - 300% bonus even if it will then depend on the percentage of match as well.

Match Bonus

In addition, some online casinos have provided the most favorite bonus so-called Match Bonus to the players so as to permit him or her to get one credit more for every credit he or she has extra purchase. More frequently to find out that most of the time it is 100% bonus which is exceptionally offered for the very first deposit of at least100 USD. Nevertheless, the bonus might be different and not the compulsory to pay for the 100 USD. Many casino online permit the players to achieve the match bonus once he or she deposits the first amount of USD 20 at the smallest requirement.

Reload Bonus

This type of bonus will be provided to the players either daily, weekly or monthly which is based on the casino that the players choose to place a bet for. Nevertheless, the key benefit of this reload bonus is, letting the player keep reloading his or her account while playing casino online Malaysia. Or it could say that the rule of reload bonus is rather similar to welcome bonus apart from the timing of the offer.    

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