How Reverse Withdrawals and Manual Flushing   Works?
[ 02-03-2016 ]
How Reverse Withdrawals and Manual Flushing Works?

Even if we hardly found the term manual flushing and reverse withdrawals quite often, the players are still being aware for what they are actually meaning for as they could somehow affect to the player’s gaming experience with that particular chosen online casinos besides scr888 casino for instance. By principal, the reverse withdrawal is usually provided to the player by any online casinos similarly to scr888 casino itself. By which the purpose of reverse withdrawals is designated for the players to reverse their pending winning cashout to be used for next playing at that particular online casino site without any necessary to make a new deposit again. Frankly speaking that many online casinos would naturally prefer if the player would cancel their withdrawals or cashout request and turn to use their funds at that particular online casino instead someway somehow. Here below are some guides on how these 2 terms of Reverse Withdrawals and Manual Flushing has been meant for.

 How Reverse Withdrawals works?: Generally, many online casinos will process the player’s reverse withdrawals request for some period of time normally it would not be over than 2 working days or 48 hours. There are many players who have not been aware on this condition and decided to cancel the cashout request instead. On the other hand, online casinos would need to implement so as to ensure and verify the payment details prior to process the transactions. This buffer period is sometimes provided the sufficient time for online casinos to clearly check on securities. Imagine to the reality of fact that there are many bonus hunters or the casino players who open several casino gaming accounts in order to take an unfair benefit once they got casino bonuses. On the other hand, there would also be some players who use the stolen credit card or debit cards to obtain illegal money and once they could win the casino game, they would try to withdraw those particular cashout amount. That is the hidden reason why many online casinos would require more time to identify customer’s information before processing the transaction.

 How Manual Flushing works?: On the other side of view, the manual flushing term could be explained as the flushing on the player’s gaming account to be empty on which is commonly offered at some online casino only. Once the players have decided to do so, the players would not be able to reverse any withdrawals back.

Nevertheless, the players should bear in mind that they do need some fund to be available in the gaming account in order that they can start playing a new slot game online promptly or in the other hand, the remaining fund in gaming account could bring the players to get some promotion or bonuses as a top up package. Moreover, to use the reverse withdrawals option for continuously playing the following next casino games are considered to be more convenience than make new deposit to the gaming account. As if the players cannot reverse the withdrawals, they do need to make deposit again. That is also the reason why many players do not opt to click for manual flushing term.