The best movie-themed slot games
[ 12-03-2016 ]
The best movie-themed slot games

Can strategies for the non-movie themed slot games be applied to the movie themed games? Definitely, they can. Whether you would like to play The Godfather, or enjoy Phantom of the Opera-themed slot games, the old school strategies still can be applied. Actually, if you are the master of the popular online slot machine Malaysia, you will feel right at home enjoying the movie-themed slot games. You will nail them better than anybody else.

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Now that you get the idea of what movie themed slot games are, you want to know what best movie themed slot games you have to try? Well, here they are:

Phantom of the Opera

This is the movie which was inspired by a Broadway musical. This themed slot game integrate the features of twenty pay-lines, five reels, and a progressive. You will not only get bonus rounds that are distinctive to this online slot game, but you also get a chance of playing a random spin via the feature “Autoplay”. By this way, you do not have to make a bet in a manual way.


This slot game is based on the award-winning thriller about a shark, this game is popular for its distinctive bonus round, which was mentioned earlier, in which you need play hide-and-seek with the shark. Sure, it is nice to get a bonus round, but really… seeking the shark for money? You should be happy Jaws does not pop out of the game screen.

Star Wars

Enjoyed  mostly in Vegas, this themed slot game implements the initial  trilogy of Episode IV, V, and VI. If you appear to be a fan of the film with Darth Vader, go to the Vegas Casinos, and get your hands on this one. It is a progressive jackpot, so you will definitely get a chance of changing your life thanks to the amount of money from the galaxies.

Top Gun

“You have lost that lovely feeling!” You sure are not going to lose the lovely feeling with this themed slot game. This slot game is  made as if you was in a jet plane. You will absolutely feel like you are up in the skies, trying your best to get the jackpot, related to the game. Sure, you do not have Tom Cruise to see you win it, but hey, you are achieving a jackpot in the most thrilling of places. It is time to buckle up, and get the prize of your life.

This article summarizes the best movie-themed slot games. Whether you are a fan of The Godfather, Rambo, Top Gun or other movies, you will be pleased to see some of your loved ones turned into a slot games. Sure, some games may not look ok, due to the way they have been developed, and others, you just might need to get changed to them. In the long time, you will see that, even movie-themed slot games can make their way in the world of slot games. They can keep you occupied, and keep you keen on as you are playing. Give them a try now , and enjoy the movies even after they are over. For more slot machine Malaysia, visit Malaysia online betting website.