Video Slots Rules
[ 16-03-2016 ]
Video Slots Rules

Video Slots Rules - How To Win

In this article, we will share with you some of our experiences in terms of playing video slots wisely. With this set of rule we are actually attempting to help you avoid some of the classic mistakes of online slot machine Malaysia players.

So, examine carefully and follow it in your game strategies. And may the luck lady will shine your spins :)

Rule 1 – Build up A Budget

To build  the best budget, you have first to decide how much you are willing to lose.

It may be apparent, but I have seen myself many times broke without anything in my pocket.

This is the reason this rule must be obeyed always.

Rule 2 – Go for The Online Casino

There are several online casino Malaysia, and they all recommend a huge amount of video slots bonus rounds and welcome bonuses as well. Most of the online casinos provide a nice welcome bonus package, nevertheless, it is annoying to change from one online casino to another just for the initial deposit bonuses… and if you do that you may lose the casino loyalty advantage. This is where video slots bonus comes and saves the day. You can find in the Internet a list of suggested online casino to pick up. Selecting a casino is one of most crucial thing you need to take into account, which deposit methods are offered, how many betting you need to do before taking out the winnings, etc.

Rule 3 – Select The Right Video Slot

In this, I mean you need to select the right combination of reels, lines, and bet per line which are suitable for your budget. For instance, if you have only $30 to spend, do not go for a 50 lines video slot where the bet is usually from $0.50 to $5 (because the smallest bet per line is $0.01) otherwise, you will have money for only a few spins, and you have to expect for a big win or a bonus in order to win. You can not do well with those odds.

Rule 4 – Do not Spread The Budget

After you have made the budget, for argument sake let say its $150. The first instinct of any video slot player is to spread the amount into some smaller deposits for instance three deposits of $50 each.

I think this is a mistake, because video slots are a game of chances, the more spins you make, the greater chances you need to activate one of the bonuses.

I have no idea if it is true or not, but in all my days as a slot players; I never got luck when starting to play with less money than 30 spins. So I keep it larger than that.

Rule 5: Read The Game Information carefully

Some video online slots Malaysia have payout for two consecutive cards, which basically occurs more times than three consecutive cards. Search for them!

Also, in all our video slots reviews you can find out how many times a bonus was activate in ratio with how many spins were used.

May luck on your side to win it huge time, and in any cases –enjoy the adrenalin rush only gambling with your money can offer you.