Playing Dollar Slots is stake but it can be worth it
[ 19-04-2016 ]
Playing Dollar Slots is stake but it can be worth it

The fact that slots are a relatively cheap casino game to play is an enormous draw card for many gamers so machines like Penny Slots are extremely popular. Their more expensive Dollar counterparts but do not usually enjoy the similar popularity, especially amongst recreational gamblers who care lower about qualifying for life changing progressive jackpots. Whilst these slots are pricey and can quickly put a dent in your Malaysia online casino bankroll, there are two important benefits that can help to offset this factor, let's discuss these.

The variance a dollar makes

When it comes to comps earned through playing slots, these can and do distinctive quite substantially. Let's for instance contrast playing dollar and nickel slots where both games have a payout rate of 93% and a house benefit of 7%. Assuming you play 500 spins in a session and the casino comps you at a rate of 25% of your losses:

Nickel Slots would expose a $1.75 loss (calculated as follows: 500 spins x 0.07 house edge X $0.05 wager). This means that the casino would comp you $0.44 on the losses experienced in this session ($1.75 x 0.25).

When playing Dollar slots your theoretical loss would be way larger at $35 (500 spins X 0.07 house edge x $1) and the online casino Malaysia would comp you $8.75 on the losses you incur.

From this example it is obvious that you will have lost more money playing the dollar slots machine even when comps are included, though if you take your rewards into account and reduce them from the losses, these would fall from $35 to $26.25. This is still way more to lose than in the nickel game though comps will help you to offset some of the losses.

The moral of the story is that no matter which slots you manage to play, you should always sign up for the gamers club at Las Vegas casinos and make sure that you use your gamers card whenever you play slots. When playing at online casino Malaysia, you will automatically be sign uped into their loyalty clubs when you sign up at the casino and will be rewarded according to your game play.

Taking this into account, dollar slots suddenly turn into much lower of a daunting prospect than they first display to be. So if you're someone who tolerates stake well and wants to go for the larger progressive jackpots that are up for takes at $1 a bet, then playing this way can be worth it in the long run.