Experts Anticipate Massive Growth for Mobile Casino Gambling Malaysia
[ 31-03-2016 ]
Experts Anticipate Massive Growth for Mobile Casino Gambling Malaysia

Online gambling Malaysia has been around for many years and it’s been increasing at a steady rate, though mobile casinos will take the gambling industry to a whole new level.

Smartphones and tablets have altered everything for us. They’ve altered the way we communicate, shop, pay our bills, hold our day-to-day lives and, yes, even the way we gamble.

Online casinos may have amazed the world when they were announced, though the mobile casino industry has exploded over the past few years. The latest trends indicate about half of the world’s population engages in some form of gambling every year, and smartphones have literally given mobile casino games to our fingertips, making gambling more accessible than ever before.

Now all major online gambling Malaysia operators are trying to come up with the next big thing to attract more customers and a good mobile app could be the solution to their success.

Lotteries and sportsbooks going mobile

A research conducted by Juniper and released earlier this year indicates the incredible growth potential of the mobile market. Lotteries and sports betting are especially popular among players. The amount of gamblers relying on computers and mobile phones to get the best odds or to check the winning lottery amounts is increasing every year.

Following as Juniper Research, 2013 was just the start of the mobile casino boom. As smartphones and tablets turn into more and more advanced, mobile casino software itself gets better and better. By 2018, the amount of players using their mobile devices to gamble could reach 164 million, experts say.

Researchers believe North America will play an important part in this growth. Online gambling  Malaysia is just getting started in the US, though as the market opens up, the industry will flourish. Tablets and smartphones are very popular in the US and experts believe it’s only a matter of time before mobile casinos take off. Even at this point, the only thing standing in its way is America’s limit legislative system.

Juniper previously reported that mobile gambling revenue would hit the $100 billion mark by 2017.

Nowadays, thanks to the development of modern technology, players can find it easier to play many kinds of online games anywhere and anytime they want only with Internet access. That is the reason why mobile gambling is more and more promoting. Gamblers can have a great of time with mobile games even in the comfortable of their own home.