Casino online Malaysia FAQ
[ 22-04-2016 ]
Casino online Malaysia FAQ

Do you want to know more about Malaysia online casino? Follow the answers for the most popular questions about it.

1. Is There Any Live Casinos To Play At In Malaysia?

The Casino de Genting is the single licensed casino in Malaysia. It is a mammoth-sized resort and a part of the Genting Highland Resort Casino offering all the luxury amenities tourists may wish for. It is situated a full 6,000 feet above sea level near the scenic Genting highlands with stunning panoramic views.

The resort offers customers a luxury coach service which would pick them up from a lot of different locations. High rollers could even call in for the chauffeur-driven limousine service which will serve all of Singapore. For entering the Casino de Genting, players need to be a non-Muslim and be at the age of twenty or older.

2. Can I Play On My Tablet Or Mobile Device?

Yes, definitely! A lot of the top Malaysia online casino services provide tablet and smartphone-friendly versions of their software in two different ways. For most users of Android operator, a certain casino app will be available to download and set up immediately. This is the most useful way to interface with any online casino from a phone device as these applications are especially designed to have a UI which can display perfectly on any device.

The second way, available to iPhone and Android users, is to access the casino online Malaysia through a modern smartphone-friendly website browser; for instance, Google Chrome. Players would go to the casino's site, log in, and would play an optional number of casino games. Remember always try to get Wi-Fi access via your phone device, or be in a spot where there is great cellular reception so that you won’t get timed out.

3. Can I Play Online Casino Games For Free?

Of course! All of the top Internet casinos provide both actual money and play-money version of their software. Actually, players are advised to sign up and then jump into the play-money games to both obtain full knowledge of the rules and get themselves familiarized with the software.

In fact, some online gamblers opt for the play-money tables to warm up before logging in to play with a long actual money game. Basically, play-money tables are useful and can serve as a great tool for smart players who would like to increase their real money.

4. Will Malaysian Banks Accept Withdrawals From International Casino Websites?

This is the place in which players need to be careful. It is reported widely that Maybank - one of the most reputable banks in Malaysia, is known to block withdrawals and deposits from common sports books and Malaysia online casino.

Using an e-Wallet solution is one of the best way for players not to encounter cancelled financial transactions. While online Malaysia gamblers may have to pay a small fee for the service, it is well worth the modest hassle to make sure that all financial transactions are managed reliably and safely.

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