Casino online Malaysia โ€“ UCW88 โ€“ Terms Of Use
[ 08-06-2016 ]
Casino online Malaysia โ€“ UCW88 โ€“ Terms Of Use

Casino-online-Malaysia – UCW88 – Terms-Of-Use

Casino online Malaysia – UCW88– Terms Under Which Bets Are Accepted

๏‚ท Every bet made on the site of this casino online Malaysia are subject to this Agreement, or to the relevant Games rules applicable to each game or event.

๏‚ท This casino online Malaysia could not be held responsible for any human error or typing error in posting odds other than those intended. In case that this happens, this casino online Malaysia has the right to void any affected wagers (bets).

๏‚ท Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, UCW88 has the right to refuse all bets without any explanation.

๏‚ท Every bet would be considered validly placed if customers’ password and usernam have been correctly entered, subject to the funds availability in customers’ account.

๏‚ท Customers are liable and responsible for every activity and transaction that take place through the use of customers’ password, username, account number, and name (or any combination thereof) regardless of whether these transactions were authorized by customers.

๏‚ท Every bet is recorded and logged in the transaction log database of this casino online Malaysia and is conclusive evidence of all times and transactions at which the transactions are placed.

๏‚ท Every bet would be deemed valid and accepted by the site of this casino when confirmation is displayed in customer’s transaction history statement.

๏‚ท Except for "in play" bet type, every bet placed after the commencement of an event would be deemed invalid. INT has the right to void such bets placed.

๏‚ท Every bet would be deemed invalid where an event’s outcome is well-known at the time of placement of customers’ bets. This casino online Malaysia has the right to void such bets placed.

๏‚ท Advertised scores, red cards, start times, or any information displayed on the website are just for the information purpose.

๏‚ท The winner of a game or an event, according to the Games rules, would be determined on the date of the conclusion of the event.

๏‚ท This casino online Malaysia does not recognize suspended protests, games, or overturned decisions for betting purpose.

๏‚ท Customers should include a void or non-runner selection in a multiple bet, the potential payout would be adjusted according to the rest of the valid choices.

๏‚ท Customers acknowledge and accept that every odd and price are subject to variation and just become fixed since a bet is placed.

๏‚ท Where a manifest mistake, error, or system failure results in a wrong odd, handicap, or line taken in a bet, the bets, or that part of the bets if it is a multiple parlay/bet would be void and null.

๏‚ท Simultaneously placed bets on an event would not be accepted.

๏‚ท The decision of this casino online Malaysia is final in respect of the associated transactions therewith and any bet.

๏‚ท Customers totally agree and accept that random number generator ("RNG") software would determine the dealing and shuffling of cards and other events required in the

Games that are randomly generated.


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