[ 20-09-2016 ]
6 winning tips when playing Blackjack online

Blackjack is one the hottest table games in the betting market nowadays. As you may know, Blackjack is not just about knowledge, it is also about skills although in fact it is considered as the easiest table game. In order to win in Blackjack table game, not only you need to develop as well as improve your Blackjack skills, but you need also wining tips from experienced players. This article introduces the tips to you.


First of all, you should know that Blackjack is called 21 because the winner is person who reaches final score without exceeding 21 point and higher than dealer. And in this fantastic table game, J, Q and K are counted as 10. Then are 6 Blackjack winning tips for you.

  1. Understanding that Blackjack is not a game of chance

Study and remember important information of the game is very necessary, especial when you play for real cash. You should know that Blackjack is not a game of chance, it is about skills. You have to remember that you can develop and improve your Blackjack skills. There are many players win lots of money because they grasp this and continuously practice and study it.

  1. Starting playing Blackjack with the basics

No matter who you are, you should start playing Blackjack table game from the basics. What are they? It is start from playing free Blackjack game, start from download version of Blackjack for computer or mobile phone. It is also start from minimum betting amount with basic strategies. Remember, if you practice hard, you will win Blackjack table game easily.

  1. Managing your money

A smart player needs to bear in mind that his money have to be managed strictly and spending his money on playing Blackjack should only be discretionary money. Never spend your entire fortune on gambling as well as playing Blackjack. If you don’t do that, it is easy to lose out of your money. Remember, playing Blackjack can bring a lot of fun but you could also lose.

  1. Counting cards of other players

A common misconception is that you are not allowed to count and know the bread and butter of other players when playing Blackjack. But, you should to know that you just do this by using your brain in secret without the aid of any mechanical device. So, it is legal in gambling. You should also remember the point value of cards of other players to know whether bet max or not.

  1. You should learn perfect basic strategy

Learn perfect strategy can only aim by practice more and more. As I have mentioned above, most players have to go through the basics and you can learn a lot from this. Don’t forget to develop strategies you want to use.

  1. You need to be mentally prepared before playing

Blackjack is very easy to play but it does not mean that you will not lose. There is nothing worse than you are loss surprisingly. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared before playing and limit your drinks.

Hope you can raise your odds of winning in Blackjack by doing simple tips I have shared above. Good luck!