Slot Bonuses
[ 23-02-2016 ]
Slot Bonuses

Slot Bonuses

Choosing an online casino Malaysia bonus is not a piece of cake at all. Fortunately, you are very likely to be an avid slot machine player, in which case it is all real easy. Slots are a kind of gambling game, favored by casinos as there is no room for skills. Whereas there is a whole lot more about these bonuses, lets jump into 3 offers you simply must take advantage of .

What You Should Know

Slot bonuses differ in many aspects, with the most obvious being size, but that is not the crucial part. Sure, having a huge bonus helps, if you can clear it. Let’s have a look at the popular requirements which you may  face with these bonus offers.

Betting requirements is the evil requirement set by casinos to stop bonus hunters from abusing any promotions. These often state something along the lines of ”you have to play through your bonus for xx times your deposit + bonus amount”, in which the play through means wagers playing slot machines. The smaller these requirements are, the higher value bonus you have got!

Contributing percentage relates to the exact amount of your total bets which are counted towards requirements. If you merely play slots, no need to worry about this, as most of the time your bets will count in full – 100 percent of them made will go towards clearing the requirements.

Nevertheless, if you play other games, please look at online casino games such as BlackJack and Roulette will often contribute a modest portion of bets made playing them. This is because of the house edge being comparatively small.

Almost every casino bonus have an expiry date. Some can be cleared during a time frame of a year, whereas  others will request you to bet a particular amount during a week. Be careful  as expired bonus means that you will not be able to claim it – money will be steamed away!

Cashable vs Non Cashable

These are the 2  main bonus kinds and ones which are usually offered. If anything is too good to be true, it may be! This is spot on regarding all those $10,000 bonuses – they all are non cashable.

So what is the difference? Well, non- cashable bonuses CAN NOT be cashed out. That is true, they are added to your balance and can be used to play any games, but after you require a cash-out, boom – they are taken out from your account.

Cashable bonuses, on the other hand, can be taken out in full. They are also granted to your account and can be used to play slot machines, but unlike non-cashable bonuses, you can also wish to withdraw them, as long as betting requirements have been met at any online casino.