Online French Roulette
[ 24-02-2016 ]
Online French Roulette


The initial version of roulette, online casino French roulette appeals to high rolling players; not all games have great bonuses, but selecting to play free roulette games online earn  you decent earnings.

Like all other online roulette simulator games, it asks the players to identify where the spinning ball will land on the wheel. Making bet on near numbers can earn you enough money. After all bets are occupied, the small ball spins around and stops after a while. Play French roulette online, before making any bets on any number.

You can enjoy online casino roulette for free or for real money. The primary goal of the game is to find out  where the ball will land, after all bets are made. The online French roulette without deposit includes 38 or 37 slots that are numbered and 0 is portrayed as color green on wheel. The European version contains 37 slots, providing you a low house edge. The additional 0, 00 has been added on the American version which pushes the edge drastically. It’s necessary to know various betting options and rules of the game to play French Roulette. Some blacks, reds, and odds can provide 1.11 to 1, while some straight up bets or 0 can provide 37:1.

Besides sticking to some bets of French roulette, you should know the variants which carry the rules, bringing down the edge a lot.

Though French roulette is the same as European and American version, many experts think that it’s superior to both forms. It comes with single-zero rules and features a red table.


Most rules are same as other roulette, mainly making bets and spinning the wheel. If ball drops on your bet, you will win or else you lose. You can play free online roulette without investing real money. One benefit of this game is that if ball drops on zero, you will not lose all, but only half. This is the most statistical advantage over other variations.

Some options to play roulette for fun where include:

  • extra bets,

  • orphans,

  • neighbors of zero,

  • third wheel

  • finales a cheval.

Other varieties of betting choices include Tiers, Orphelins, and Voisins which will put chips on many areas of table. You can place stake varying from min £5 to max £3000.

Select a chip value to play online roulette and the will rise slightly as the edges turn, pointing that it has been selected. You can change the value by clicking on a different chip.

Try to experience free online casino roulette game; no download or deposits are necessary to understand the game, and once you learn how to play confidently, you can start making a bet for money. Other types of bet in French Roulette are known as inside bets and outside bets.

Inside bets let you gamble on any number, varying from zero to 36, whereas outside allows you  to make bets on layout, like Black or Red.