Playing Casino longer – Winning rate lower
[ 27-02-2016 ]
Playing Casino longer – Winning rate lower

Casino We have talked about the random, independent of all things happened, the advantages of Bookie and concluded that, because of above factors, after long time playing will bring money to casino. Although players can still win in first betting, casinos know that players can win in short-time (because of Instability) but if you continue playing, the result in total (because of accumulation) will take players to the loss (because of long-term prediction).

As you see, players can win after one round even 100 rounds (the time for playing is about 2 to 3 hours). However after 1000 rounds, each 5 players who play Casino online Malaysia game then just only one player win. After 10.000 rounds, each 100 players who play then it is hard to find one winner. In gambling, the short-term instability means you have opportunity to win anytime or lose each betting round. The long-term prediction means though time, the sure thing is you will lose because of the advantage point of Bookie.

This problem here is, players are hard to see or guess the result of game though long – time. Almost players just think about what happened to them at that time. That why writing your gambling activities in long – time is the thing you should do. Though that, you can check your time, money you used again and decide this is what you want to continue or not.

Law Big number

Likewise with long-term prediction is mathematical conception which be called Law Big number. In gambling, basic definition of this conception is, though long – time, the accumulated result will gradually up to equalizing of that gambling game. Example, if you toss the coin consecutively, the accumulated result will up to 50% the heads coin appeared and 50% the tails coin appeared despite each time tossing coin, the random and independent with each other tossing will always have in that.

In Casino online world, luck decides everything.