4 Secrets of High Roller Malaysia Online Casino
[ 21-04-2016 ]
4 Secrets of High Roller Malaysia Online Casino

Malaysia Online Casino

4 Secrets of High Roller Malaysia Online Casino

Generally speaking, most Malaysia Online Casino would specially offer High Roller Casino Bonuses to their VIP players so as to permit them the possibilities to wager in higher limit casino games online with the numerous reward’s choice like big bonuses, special customer service and also VIP Clubs. Nevertheless, the attractive bonus which is so-called the High Roller Bonus is purposely designated to motivate the players to make the bigger deposit to the casinos online while the percentage of total deposit amount is often offered at the smallest of USD 1,000 or above and only once the players have decided to deposit at that specific Malaysia online casino, the high roller bonus will be offered.

  1. Why High Roller is welcomed at Malaysia Casino Online

Since high rollers are often referred to the players that love to bet a lot of money, then most of online casinos want them to visit and play with even not all online casino has exactly known how to cope with them. At the same time, the characteristic of high rollers is the willingness to high amount of bet and take risks so most people always named them as ‘whalers’ that win the game against other players and eat the other small fish on the same table.

  1. What is the highest bet for High Roller?

In general, the wagering requirement for high rollers shall be limited at six figures. By the way, only the largest and richest online casino can provide that such high betting games. Some small casino online has ever been a risk of bankruptcy once a few high rollers have played at one night and win to earn the winning prize of over 20 million USD. Thus, if the player want to play the same as what High Roller has ever done, the smallest cash that he or she should deposit is 100,000 USD so as to burn at one single table, in which the normal hand is at 10,000 USD.

  1. Which casino game is best for High Roller?

Most high rollers would rather play baccarat as the game is rarely played for money and somehow considered as the exclusive game. Then, High Roller can play with the highest limits of bet and exclusivity. As a result, some online casino has ever lost millions in only one single night once a few high rollers play the baccarat game.

  1. How to receive comps from online casino?

Comps is usually provided by online casinos to the high rollers as the exclusive gifts or bonuses if the online casino is guaranteed ensured that those particular high rollers are well-fed and nurtured so as to keep them being back and played again. In addition, some physical casino has ever provided the high rollers with the limousines, private jet transfer or even free accommodation at the 5-star hotels. In other word for the online casinos, they try to develop the private game online for the high rollers to bet.        

In fact, playing as the high rollers is the enjoyable experience which the player would have a lot of stories to share regardless how the outcome was. It is truly advised the player to start this role of play once he or she has the high skilled of betting game only.

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