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Live casino Malaysia in the "city in the cloud"

Legend, under hilltop Genting Highland (state Penan, Malaysia) have a temple. These visitors often find pockets empty gambling live casino Malaysia retreat here instead of throwing himself into the cliff suicide. Do not know what is going on, just tell the truth beneath the city dissipated have a temple built in the rock, which contains a 60-foot tall statue of Buddha and other gods on the walls of hardwood, which is Chin Swee Temple. English broth panic when someone rang his feet discovered is void of peaks. A feeling of floating in the air infiltrate the cable cage is surrounded by glass. Heart-pounding everyone as every time the cage a mountain pass. pass the smog murky depths, cold. On arrival, everyone sighed with relief as just experienced a horrific feeling lasts longer than 30 minutes. A bustling scene different than our imagined earlier in Genting (similar Dalat and Sapa in Vietnam), the Genting station as a subway station giant tourists swarmed.

Live casino Malaysia in the city in the cloud

Len through many long corridors sometimes as a pipe, a lot of stories in the escalator, we reached the hotel lobby Theme Park and a long wait to check in. The representatives of the leading entertainment venues we go around Genting. A clearer concept of Genting appear: it is a play area combines bold West. A total of 40 games for all kinds of people concentrated in an area known as the entertainment area Theme. This is Malaysia`s largest amusement park with thrilling games like: fall Turbo (freefall from a height of 185 set in the time of 5 seconds), twisted half bottle (train running on rails twist), cars super slide (sliding with supersonic speed); and the family game: throwing snow in the beautiful snow and the largest in Southeast Asia, spooky building, climbing wall ...Genting has 5 hotels with over 7,000 rooms and dozens of restaurants with all kinds of

tastes: Happy Valley Restaurant (Chinese cuisine), Restaurant The Peak (West), Imperial Rama Restaurant (Thai), Ristorante Torcello (Italy) ... The impression for those who first arrived in Genting is stroll on the huge hall is decorated extremely elegant: Champs Elysses, London, Genting Walk or Times Square, Universal Walk promenade ...

However, most tourists eager is Us System live casino Malaysia in here. Genting has 3 live casinos Malaysia, which are the largest Monter Carlo. From Theme Park Hotel - where we live, walk about 20 minutes at least 4 floors escalators, many long corridor, many areas are to be games ... Monter Carlo. It was about 11pm. Without any security measures as we thought, no check Passport, inspired weapon Son Casino live casino Malaysia ... Before this Asia`s  largest casino is only 2-3 guard dressed like the staff service in other areas of Genting. According to Ali - guided group, wants to live casino Malaysia just men must dress smartly - not to wear shorts, shirt, women ... free and most importantly, no photography, filming. Make sure the requirements are not too difficult then Monter Carlo Welcome to.

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