[ 01-06-2016 ]
Guide online betting Malaysia on the net

Today the online betting Malaysia is no stranger to many of you anymore, but you also have new players that the betting play online a lot of difficulties due unfamiliar with this form of play for most of the This you switch from offline to online gambling should never use the home interface football online. This article we want to help you become familiar with how online betting

Indeed when you play online betting Malaysia, if you have never played you will find a lot of differences compared to the traditional way of fishing bets

The difficult first is that you will not know where to start playing with the public, what really reputable dealer for registered accounts because in Vietnam there are now many reputable ones are active, hence the decision to register the account at any one to join online betting is also very important for you.

Guide online betting Malaysia on the net

We will guide you to some simple knowledge but important so that you can better understand online betting Malaysia.

First, we will instruct you how to see who rafter in online betting Malaysia, currently in Vietnam we often spun under a common 03: Keo Malaysia, HongKong agreement, Continental odds Europe. Of the 03 categories this truss truss Malaysia was selected first common and betting when you use because it's a simple truss, visible and easy to play the best

We take one specific example as follows about the match of U23 Vietnam U23 vs Macao and you plan to bet an amount of 100k and when looking at the rafter you see the

indicators on the following odds:

Keo Malaysia: Time 90`, HANDICAP (FT.HDP) U23 Vietnam U23 Macao accept half (0.5), OU (FT. O / U) left two and a half (2.5).

- When you select Macao U23 team wins, the money you earn is 179, contrast Macau U23 lose if you lose 100k contract

- When you select Vietnam U23 team wins, the money you earn is 200, U23 Vietnam

However if lost contract then you will lose 85k

- Select Resources (Over): Where you decide to beat this game means to put 100 then you will eat 100 and lost only 89

- Select the OU (Under): Under you decide rated this game means to put 100 then you will eat and will lose 89 100

HongKong odds:

- When you decide to put the victory in the battle for Macao U23 U23 U23 Vietnam & Macau: Macau wins U23 truss placed 80 collection of 180 of 100, whereas if U23 Macao

lost, you will lose 100 agreement

- When you decide U23 Vietnam if Vietnam wins the contract, you will earn 217k,

whereas if Vietnam U23 lose, you will lose 100 agreement

- Select Resources: Wins contract to put 100 to 214 114 revenue, lost contract lost 100

- Select Under: Wins contract earning put 100 to 79 179, lost 100 lost contract

European odds:

Usually the betting house will pose three doors to choose: Choose the home team wins, Concerts or Away Win.